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Project Advisors

Julie Khadija Agbemafle Sulley


Julie was born and raised in Manase, a tiny village in North Tongu district in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa. Getting education was a struggle due to poverty; only a few like herself were blessed because her teachers offered to pay her school fees. They had to walk many miles to and from school, often on empty stomachs and never sure if there would be a meal at the end of the day. Even though they were just children, they had everything to worry about. Most of the children did not go to school but joined their parents in hard labour farming. The water they drank was shared with cows, pigs and all other bush animals, so sometimes they had to wait till late at night for the ponds to settle after the animals before fetching water. The dry seasons were the worst because they had to take trips searching for water. The rainy seasons had their challenges as well because they did not have well roofed homes. This life style is still in existence in Manase and all the surrounding villages.

Now as an Early Childhood Educator in Canada, Julie has learned that the environment that a child grows up in critically affects the child’s development. Her hope is that God will touch people all over the world to support Living 4 Life Ministries to bring flourishing life to all the needy in the Southern Volta Region.


Isaac 20140827_093508

Isaac Menu Agbemafle


Isaac's father comes from Manase and his mother from Avetakpo; both villages are situated in North Tongu district in the Volta Region of Ghana, West Africa. Although he spent his early days in Manase, his parents decided he was to stay with his grandparents in Avetakpo as a means of enabling his primary school education as there was none in Manase.

Isaac's connection with both villages continues to be strong, hence his passion to support Living 4 Life Ministries to bring its projects to these villages. The primary school he attended in Avetakpo has long broken down and no longer exists, just as Manase still has no school and many children grow up with no basic education. Drawing from his personal experience he knows the benefit of giving these children the opportunity to education will go a long way to impact lives.

Isaac's early encounter with the Christian faith through the gospel was from lessons that were taught at the primary school in the village. He left the primary school for further education in other places with a solid foundation laid in the Christian faith which he picked up in his adulthood and has since continued to build on.

Isaac currently lives in England with his family as the Minister in charge of Deeper Life Bible Church in the city of Bradford after active involvement in Christian work in other cities in Italy and England. It is with his prayers and assurance that whatever support is given to this ministry will be presently and eternally rewarded.