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Missions Team

Meet our Ghana Missions Team! From left to right we have Scott and Leslyn Beckwith, Austin Guther, Jillian Friesen, Elijah Thrall and Hassan (Thomas) Sulley. The team will be travelling to Ghana April 10th until the 20th. Details


April Missions Trip

We want to thank everyone for their prayer and support during Thomas’ first trip to Ghana in October. During the trip Thomas was able to do much ground work in connecting with spiritual leaders and getting a feel for the spiritual climate in the land. Details


Moving Forward – Vision Trip Update

I (Hassan) returned to Canada on October 20th from my 10 day trip to Ghana. While I was there I was able to connect with village elders in Avetakpo and Manase, as well as local church leaders in the capital city, Accra. Details


Vision Trip

Thomas is currently in Ghana connecting with locals and chiefs in the village in Agakope as well as in Manase where he grew up. The harvest is ready, especially in Agakope. The people are hungry for more opportunities, and they are wanting help with building their church as well as a school. Currently their church meets under a tree and they do not have enough Bibles for everyone. It seems crazy that here in North America many of us own numerous Bibles, but many people around the world cannot even get their hands on a Bible in their own language. The locals have also gathered together all their resources and have built the foundation of their school but they have not been able to finish. There are many labourers willing to do the work, but there is a lack of resources. The people in this village are serious about improving their quality of life and we see in them a drive and determination to partner with others to make it happen.

Thomas’ visit in the village was short due to heavy rains. The village in Agakope is completely surrounded by water and during the rainy season the only way to reach the village is by passing through water up to your neck. The roads in between Agakope and Manase are also a mess making it difficult to travel between the two and back into the city. Even though Thomas’ visit was short, he feels it was a successful time connecting with family, villagers and elders. He has gotten a green light from both the village chiefs which is a huge blessing.

Continue to pray for Thomas as he is in Ghana until the 19th. Currently he is in the capital, Accra, connecting with more family and local pastors.

Thank you for your partnership and making this vision trip possible! We look forward to giving you a full update upon Thomas’ return.