Moving Forward – Vision Trip Update

I (Hassan) returned to Canada on October 20th from my 10 day trip to Ghana.

While I was there I was able to connect with the village elders in Avetakpo and Manase, as well as local church leaders in the capital city, Accra.

Melissa wrote about my visit to Avetakpo in our previous post. You can read about it here.

After Avetakpo, I went to Manase village where I grew up. While I was there I met with some family members. They showed me the land that my grandfather owns, as well as some work the government has started such as building electrical lines and the beginnings of a well. I had the opportunity to meet with a man that my mother went to school with, and he is a part of building these electrical lines and the well. He ensured me that he will do his best to make sure it’s completed. This is an exciting development in the village. Please pray that the work is followed through and completed. In regards to our role in this village, we are praying about building a school/training centre that would be accessible to not just Manase, but the surrounding villages. There is much preparatory work to do both practically and spiritually.

Please pray…
 – That God prepares the land and gives us clear direction on how to move forward.
 – For hearts to be open especially with other leaders in the area
 – That we would be able to create jobs for people living there. There is so much potential with my grandfather’s land such as agriculture and other opportunities.

I was in Accra for the remainder of my trip. I was able to price out building materials as well as connect with two local pastors – Pastor Kofi and Pastor Elisha. Both these pastors need English and Twi Bibles for their congregations as well as English language training. I also had the opportunity to preach at Pastor Kofi’s church on the Sunday. My message was titled “Unlikely places and unlikely people.” I shared how Jesus came to this earth and went to places that people avoided and talked to people who were outcast. He didn’t just go to the religious places he also performed miracles in every day situations such as the wedding of Cana. The church was encouraged by my visit and we are hoping to connect with them further.

As I reflect on my trip, God has been teaching me and showing me that there are people in Ghana who are willing to learn and willing to work hard. Pastors want better training so that they can better lead their congregations and raise up other leaders; local leaders want better training so that they can further develop their villages. The people I met with are hungry and ready to see change happen in their lives and their communities. They are excited to partner with us and are hoping many people in Canada and in Ghana will partner in these efforts.

As we move forward, we are looking for more partners (financial, prayer, and skilled workers). Our first step when we go back is to complete the school in Avetakpo that was started by the villagers. We will be working closely with the local leaders to build this three room school and to ensure teachers are trained and resourced. Our goal is to empower the locals to lead this school and see it grow into a multi-grade facility.

Please continue to pray for us that God would provide the needed resources and people to make this all happen.

Thank you so much for your love, prayer and support.
Hassan (Thomas) & Melissa Sulley

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