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Ghana, Southern Volta Region Projects

Current Building Projects

We are currently looking to raise funds to build a missions house, two schools, a training centre and a health clinic. The funds will go towards the building structures (ie. labour costs, walls, roof, windows, fencing, etc.) and resourcing each building project - ie. water well, outdoor toilets, school supplies, medical supplies, furniture, etc. Click on each individual project for more details - we will post draft plans, updates, and final numbers as they become available.




Living 4 Life Ministries is partnering with two villages in the Southern Volta Region in Ghana to build a missions house, two elementary schools, a training centre, and a health clinic.


The first community we are partnering with is Thomas' home village in Manase. Thomas spent the majority of his childhood in this village being raised by his aunt. The village lacks basic resources such as clean water, electricity, schools, and health centres. The water they used, and still continue to use, is shared with animals. Farming is conducted using small hand tools. Life is hard in the village, and as a result many people have left to find a better life. But there still remains a small group of people living in these conditions in Manase.
 The second community is the Avetakpo village in the Ho-West district, close to the Kalakpa Resource Reserve. There are over 500 school-aged children who are living in the forest without access to roads, electricity, water, health and schools. The government has promised to build schools outside the reserve, but these promises have not been fulfilled. They are begging us to come and help them. For more information on this forgotten territory check out these two articles: 500 Children in forest reserve denied education and "Forgotten Territory" not for humans?

Sam's children

Where is Ghana? Where is the Southern Volta Region?


Ghana is located in West Africa between Cote d'Ivoire and Togo. The Southern Volta Region is located on the Southeast side of Lake Volta near the Togo border. The area we are focusing on is north of the Volta river, between Ho and Sogakope.


Ghana, West Africa


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Southern Volta Region, Ghana


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